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NewGen ISS

NewGen ISS is transforming IATA’s Billing Settlement Plan (BSP).

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Through NewGen ISS, IATA is modernizing the BSP to better address the needs of the travel industry, providing travel agents with more choice and flexibility.

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NewGen ISS aims to empower travel agents and airlines to tackle the challenges of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. NewGen ISS brings stronger customer focus and relevance to the Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) through flexible, safe and cost-effective solutions.

NewGen ISS offers travel agents three accreditation options called GoLite, GoStandard and GoGlobal reflecting agents’ varied business needs. Each accreditation model comes with different participation terms, payment options and financial requirements.

In addition, NewGen ISS introduces a voluntary, pay-as-you-go payment method called IATA EasyPay, and an enhanced risk management framework, which includes a new feature called the Remittance Holding Capacity (RHC).

Following the first NewGen ISS launch in BSP Norway, effective March 2018, NewGen ISS has been progressively rolling out across BSPs. As of December 2019, NewGen ISS has gone live in approximately 100 BSPs. All BSPs are expected to be migrated to NewGen ISS by 2020.

What does NewGen ISS mean for your business?

Learn more about NewGen ISS’ four key features. Click on the links to explore.

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Agent Accreditation

Through NewGen ISS, IATA is implementing a new agent accreditation framework with three accreditation options. These are:

  • GoLite – A simple accreditation model with minimal financial requirements.
  • GoStandard – An enhancement of the existing IATA accreditation for agents operating in a single market that want access to all payment methods.
  • GoGlobal – A one-stop-shop for multi-national agents.


IATA EasyPay is an optional pay-as-you-go solution, which offers agents a simple, secure method for transacting with airlines through the BSP.

IATA EasyPay will be available to all agents, and is a key enabler of GoLite accreditation and the new risk management. In addition, IATA EasyPay can be used by GoStandard and GoGlobal agents to reduce their financial securities with IATA.

Remittance Holding Capacity

NewGen ISS introduces a Remittance Holding Capacity (RHC) – a monetary threshold for outstanding Cash sales pending remittance to the BSP.

All GoStandard and GoGlobal agents are assigned an individualized RHC, based on their individual risk status and past sales.

Although most travel agents are not likely to reach their RHC, this new feature is important to create a safer BSP environment.

Global Default

Global Default Insurance (GDI) is a voluntary new option for agents required to provide IATA with financial security. GDI is an alternative to existing financial security options and is designed to offer more choice to travel agents. It does not require collateral and the level of coverage can be easily adjusted.


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